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* All offers are subject to our terms and conditions and dependent on the suitability of the stairlift for recycling, as well as our stock level. We reserve the right not to buy your stairlift, or to offer free removal if we feel it is not suitable.

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Contact us and get a free, no-obligation quote within hours. We aim to give an accurate estimate at this stage so that what you are quoted initially is what you get paid on the day of removal. No quarrels, no stress.

If we cannot recycle your stairlift, we will let you know at this stage and provide a quote for our stairlift removal and disposal services.

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On the day, one of our friendly engineers will attend and remove the stairlift as quickly and safely as possible. Most of our removals can be completed in less than one hour.

The engineer will dismantle the stairlift, disconnect the electrics safely, and take everything away including the rail, meaning you won’t be left with any mess or parts to dispose of.

We Buy Any Stairlift
Step 4

If payment has been agreed for your stairlift, it will be paid to you directly in cash by our engineer before the stairlift is taken from the property. This means you’ll never have to chase a late payment!

Prefer to be paid by bank transfer? We can do that too! Just let our staff know that’s what you’d prefer when booking your appointment.

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Step 5

Our engineer takes the stairlift away for you, as well as all parts and accessories, leaving you with a tidy and clear staircase. We then take your stairlift away to be recycled! Our passion is recycling stairlifts, so we try to use as much as possible.

If we determine at quote stage that your stairlift is not suitable for recycling, then we will remove and dispose of it for you.

We Buy Any Stairlift
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Which stairlifts do we remove?

We currently purchase a wide range of different stairlift brands. The types of stairlifts that we purchase change over time, but we will buy any stairlift we are able to recycle.

A general rule of thumb is that we can purchase most makes and models of stairlifts if they are in good working order; under 5 years of age; and the stairlift is still currently manufactured. If it is not possible to purchase the stairlift we may be able to offer free professional stairlift removal and recycle limited parts.

In the event the stairlift is too old, or not suitable for us to purchase/recycle, we will happily offer some expert advice or provide a quote for our stairlift removal and disposal services.

Here are some of our most popular stairlifts that we purchase:

Acorn/Brooks Superglide 130

This straight stairlift was manufactured by Acorn up to 2018 and then replaced by the 130 T700 straight model. It has a beige plastic seat and is very similar in appearance to the newer 130 T700 model. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Acorn 130 Stairlift

Acorn/Brooks 130 T700

This stairlift is the most up to date model manufactured by Acorn for straight stairs. The T700 is one of the popular models of stairlift fitted within the UK. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Acorn 130 T700 Stairlift

Acorn/Brooks 180 stairlift

This curved model is made bespoke by Acorn, especially for the user’s staircase. The rail is adapted to include as many bends or curves as necessary and may or may not have an added hinge to avoid obstructions like doors. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Acorn 180 Stairlift

Stannah 260

The curved Stannah 260 stairlift is another custom-built model that is made especially for the users’ staircase. Modern seat types include the Siena or the Starla which are slightly different in style and material. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Stannah 260 Stairlift

Stannah 600

The 600 stairlift is Stannah’s up to date straight stairlift model which has been in production since 2014. This stairlift usually comes with the Siena seat style, in a cream/vanilla colour. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Stannah 600 Stairlift

Handicare 2000

The 2000 is Handicare’s most popular curved model with a twin rail system. The rail may vary as it can be fitted to the internal or external bends of the staircase. The 2000 can also differ in appearance due to the choice of seat colours. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Handicare 2000 Stairlift

Handicare 1100

The 1100 model is Handicare/Companion’s most up to date model of straight stairlift and the seat is upholstered in an attractive cream leather. The 1100 also has the slimmest stairlift rail currently installed so it is often the lift of choice for narrow staircases. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Handicare 1100

Handicare 950 and 950+

The Simplicity and Simplicity Plus are very popular models of straight stairlift. The seats can vary as they come in a selection of fabrics and six colours. These models also have a continuous charge track and can feature extras such as a powered slide track or a manual hinge. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Handicare 950 Stairlift

Flow X

This model is Thyssenkrupp’s brand new curved stairlift. It has a modern chair, and as with the rail, comes in a variety of colours. The slim rail design maximises space on the stairs. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Thyssenkrupp FlowX Stairlift

Flow 2A

This is another of Thyssen’s curved stairlift models. It is an upgraded version of the Flow 2 which has been manufactured since 2016 and now superseded by the Flow X. It is a very popular choice for curved staircases due to its flawless and modern design. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Thyssenkrupp Flow2A Stairlift

Flow 2

The basic Flow 2 is Thyssenkrupp’s older model of curved stairlift. The manufacturer stopped production of this type in 2016 and replaced it with the Flow 2A. Some of the hard wired Flow 2s are still eligible for our stairlift removal service as they can be recycled. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Thyssenkrupp Flow2 Stairlift

Thyssen HomeGlide / Levant

Following the same pattern as other Thyssenkrupp stairlifts, this straight lift is beautifully modern with a slim rail. Looking to sell this stairlift? Contact us for a quick free quote.

Thyssenkrupp Levant Stairlift

If you have one of the above stairlifts that you no longer require – we want your stairlift! We offer top prices, an exceptional customer service experience, and expert engineers to remove your stairlift without any mess or trouble.

Please call us today on 0800 177 7266 or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you with a free no obligation quote.

Who can remove my stairlift?

We Buy Any Stairlift would be happy to help you with a stairlift removal. We can remove almost all makes and models of stairlifts under 15 years of age. Our stairlift removal is very simple, we will take some details about the stairlift, then advise if we can purchase it or provide free removal. If it is not something we can recycle we will let you know and quote a price for our stairlift removal services if required.

Although there are many different stairlift removal companies around, We Buy Any Stairlift we one of the first companies to provide a dedicated stairlift removal service. We consider ourselves experts in this field and our many 5-star reviews speaks for itself! We are the highest rated stairlift removal service in England and Wales. We are also fully insured, and all our stairlift engineers are fully trained and DBS checked. Removal is completed in under an hour for most stairlift types. When we book your appointment with you, we provide a dedicated appointment day and time, so you aren’t hanging around waiting for our engineer. What’s more, our service is very reliable. Our engineer will always show up as discussed with you.

How to get a stairlift removal / purchase quote?

Just complete our form here or call us on 0800 177 7266 and we will take any relevant information about the stairlift and provide an instant quote, which is valid for 28 days. In some instances, we may ask you to get back to us with additional information or photographs, depending on the type of stairlift you have.

Can I sell my second hand stairlift?

Absolutely! In most cases we can purchase your second hand stairlift and provide a professional stairlift removal service completely free of charge.

In some cases where we are not able to recycle the stairlift any longer (such as it is too old, or a model that is no longer manufactured) we may not be able to purchase it. If we can’t buy your stairlift we will offer any advice possible, as well as provide a quote for our removal and disposal services if that is something you are interested in.

How much does stairlift removal cost?

The removal of most stairlifts is offered completely free of charge if it is a stairlift we can purchase from you and recycle. On the occasion that we cannot recycle your stairlift, there may be a fee for our services to remove and dispose of it for you if this is a service you require.

Our stairlift removal charge would depend on the type and age of the stairlift (to determine how long it will take to remove) and where it is located (to account for travel costs). Our stairlift removal and disposal charges start from £60 inclusive of VAT, up to a maximum of £300.

 How to remove a stairlift

 Simply enquire via our contact form and fill in as many details as possible about your stairlift. You can even attach photographs so we can see exactly what you have. Once we have received your enquiry, we will contact you to provide a quote for removing your stairlift.

Alternatively, you can call our customer services team on 0800 177 7266 and they would be happy to help.

If you are happy with the quote given, we can arrange a stairlift removal appointment within 2 weeks for you.

Can I remove a stairlift myself?

We do not recommend removing a stairlift yourself to avoid injury or unnecessary damage to your property and electrics. To remove a stairlift you will need knowledge of the stairlift model as well as the necessary tools. Stairlifts can also be very heavy to lift so you could cause yourself injury.

In addition to this, most companies will not purchase your stairlift if it has already been removed as they would be unable to test it. It may have also been removed in a way that makes it difficult to reuse, and they have no way of knowing if it has been stored in a clean and dry place.

Does removing a stairlift cause any damage?

No, when removed correctly by a professional stairlift engineer, the removal should not cause any damage to the property or the stairlift. Inexperienced removals can lead to unsafe electrics, damage to doors and windows, and damage to the banister/walls in the hallway. If you are planning on removing a stairlift yourself with the intention to sell, it is worth noting that many companies will not purchase a removed stairlift.

All our engineers are extremely experienced, so the probability of any damage is extremely slim. However, for added peace of mind, all our fully trained engineers are insured so any accidental damage would be covered under our policy.

Will I need to replace my carpets?

Although there will not be any damage caused to the carpet during removal, the stairlift is bolted to the stairs in the installation process. When we have removed your stairlift you will find some small holes, but they are very small and usually not noticeable. We find most customers do not feel the need to replace their carpets after stairlift removal.

There will be some indentations where the feet have been resting, but we find that these go away over time. You can speed up the process by cleaning the carpet with water to help the fibres soften and bounce back. Hoovering and steam cleaning the area will also help.   

How long does it take to remove a stairlift?

When being removed by one of our professional stairlift engineers that are experienced, a stairlift removal usually takes up to an hour. Some models of stairlift like the Acorn 130 straight model can take as little as 30 minutes to remove, while other more complex curved models can take 75 minutes.

We understand our customers have busy lives, so we will always give you an estimated time of arrival when our engineer will attend and remove it for you. We will also advise how long the stairlift removal will take based on the model of stairlift.

How soon can you remove my stairlift?

Depending on your location within the country, we can usually remove your stairlift within 1-2 weeks. There are some areas of the country that we travel to less frequently based on demand, but timescales will be discussed with you during your quote, so you know exactly what you can expect.

It is sometimes possible to fit you in at shorter notice than the 1–2-week average, but this would be dependent on availability. Please call us to discuss further.

Can a stairlift be removed and reinstalled in another house?

It is possible to remove a stairlift and reinstall a stairlift into another property, but it is an extremely complicated process. Not only would the stairlift need extensive testing to ensure it is safe to be reinstalled, but an installer would need to survey the new home to ensure the stairlift is suitable and meets safety criteria. It is very rare that a stairlift would be suitable to be moved to another property and fit correctly.

Unfortunately, We Buy Any Stairlift are not stairlift installers so removal and reinstallation is not something we can help you with. We would recommend speaking to a local stairlift installation company to see if they can provide an assessment survey.

Can I donate My Stairlift to Charity?

Sadly, we are not aware of any charities that are able to accept stairlifts as donations. This is likely because of health and safety, and they would need specialist engineers to ensure each stairlift is safe and able to be fitted in a new home. An assessment of the home would also be required, as well as the user to ensure it is suitable.

We check with multiple charities on a regular basis and we hope that we can donate any unwanted stairlifts or parts to them in the future if they find a way to accept them.

Can I sell my stairlift if it was fitted by the council?

Yes, but we always recommend you speak to your local authority first before committing to selling the stairlift. Usually when the council fit a stairlift, the stairlift now belongs to you and the council will not provide the service to remove it.

Some councils do remove and take the stairlift back so please ensure you speak to them ,and if possible, get a statement in writing so there are no future conflicts after you have sold the stairlift.

Recycling Your Stairlift

We recycle all types of stairlifts! If your stairlift is suitable the parts will be reused used recondition and repair stairlifts and given a new lease of life. If your stairlift is not a type we can directly recycle in terms of parts, we would quote a charge to remove and dispose of it (our charge covers the travel and staff costs to send our engineer to you and conduct the removal) the stairlift would be taken to a scrap yard and the metal reused. Any remaining parts are taken to a legal recycling centre and disposed of properly.

Stairlift Removal FAQ

In most cases the basic info we need is the make, model, and age of the stairlift. We usually have a few other questions to ask about the condition and the location within the country. If you are unsure of anything our staff will help you determine what kind of stairlift you have and provide a quote.
In most cases, sadly, the installer will not buyback your stairlift or offer free stairlift removal if it is outside of the two-week sale cooldown period. More than 40 stairlift installation companies throughout the UK recommend We Buy Any Stairlift to provide a professional stairlift removal and payment service to their customers.

If the stairlift has been switched off at the socket for a period, the stairlift’s batteries have most likely just ran down. If the stairlift was in working condition before the power was switched off, we would most certainly still offer to purchase it and provide free stairlift removal.

If the stairlift is not working due to damage or a fault we would need more information to provide an accurate quotation. A short video may help us diagnose the issue, or you can call the installer.

Simply find out the make and model and age of the stairlift and give us a call or fill out our form. If you don’t have any information, please just email us a photograph of the chair and the label to [email protected]

We will get back to you with purchase quote and offer our free stairlift removal services.

Our list of acceptable models is always changing so unfortunately we cannot give a definitive list of everything we buy. Popular models that we may be interested in purchasing include the Acorn 180, Acorn 130 or T700, Stannah 260, Stannah 600, Stannah 420, Handicare 950, Handicare 1100, Handicare 2000, Flow X, Flow 2a, Flow 2, and Thyssenkrupp Homeglide / Levant stairlift.

Please contact us with the details of your unwanted stairlift for an accurate, no-obligation quote.

Our general lead time for stairlift removal is one week on average. Waiting times can vary depending on your area of the country, as well as the time of year. In some cases, we can remove the stairlift in a matter of days, and in other cases the wait for a stairlift removal could be up to 3 weeks. We will always give you an idea of the waiting time when we provide your quote so you can make sure it will be suitable.

Our friendly customer advisors will take into consideration your availability and deadlines for the stairlift removal and will do their utmost best to ensure a suitable arrangement is achieved.

If your stairlift is suitable to be recycled our friendly team can provide a quote to either purchase the stairlift or provide a free professional stairlift removal service to recycle the parts.

If your stairlift is too old, it may not be safe to be recycled and reused. If this is the case, our team will advise you and provide a quote for a stairlift removal and disposal. If you prefer to remove and dispose of the stairlift yourself, you can check with your local waste disposal centre to ensure they will accept the stairlift and to check whether disposal would incur a fee.

We would highly recommend that you hire a professional to remove the stairlift for you – which is often free of charge. Removing a stairlift without the appropriate experience and training can be very dangerous due to the weight of the equipment. Depending on the type of stairlift, different tools are required so it is imperative you know what you are doing.

Feel free to give us a call on 0800 177 7266 to see if we can provide free stairlift removal or to get an idea of the cost if free removal isn’t possible.

Unfortunately, we do not buyback Home Lifts as we exclusively recycle stairlifts. Feel free to get in touch and we may be able to recommend another company to purchase it, dependant on the type of lift and age.
Unfortunately, we do not buy mobility scooters. Our best recommendation for selling your mobility scooter would be to list the scooter online or advertise in local shops and post offices. Another great tip is to contact your local mobility shop who may be able to purchase it from you and re-sell.

The process of removing a stairlift varies depending on the make, model, and age of the lift so there are not any definite guidelines we can give for removal. Self-removal of a stairlift is not something we recommend as they are very heavy, and you can easily be injured attempting to remove it. You will also need specific tools to remove the stairlift, and you must dispose of the stairlift safely in a legal manner. Incorrect disposal may lead to a fine by your local council.

Unfortunately, we are not able to remove stairlifts over 15 years old. Older stairlifts sometimes require specialist tools and training that we are not able to provide. Our advice is to contact the original installer or manufacturer to get a price for removal and disposal.

If the stairlift is between 10-15 years of age, we can provide removal and disposal services at a charge. If your stairlift us less than 10 years please contact us to find out if we can purchase your stairlift.