We Buy Any Stairlift hits 1500 5-star reviews!

It’s no secret that we care greatly about reviews at We Buy Any Stairlift. That’s why we constantly invite our customers to share their experience publicly. Reviews are a great indication of how our customers experience has been from start to finish. If the customer provides feedback, it gives us opportunity to improve and train staff to higher standards or provide praise and rewards for staff who are excelling and looking after our customers.


In an age where everyone can share their experience at the click of a button, many companies have been exposed for their mistreatment of customers and unfair policies. These negative reviews can then be read by prospective customers before they commit to that company and can be incredibly off putting. It puts more power in the hands of the customer, because they no longer must suffer in silence if they have had a negative experience with a company.

Many companies within the stairlift industry, both installers and removal companies, tend to shy away from setting up review platforms. The main reason for this, is simply to avoid bad reviews being publicised and harming their future sales. Of course, these bad reviews usually come from bad customer service and customers feeling wronged. The way we see it, if you provide a great service and have nothing to hide, then you absolutely should provide a review platform.

Genuine reviews

We do not offer any incentives to our customers to leave a review or purchase fake reviews from unsavoury online companies. All our reviews are from genuine customers, who have been pleased with their experience with both our office staff and removal engineers. We do often get verbal reviews also, directly thanking us and our staff for their efforts. Although we greatly appreciate any type of feedback, written reviews help us expand our business and give new customers trust In our services.

Finding our reviews

We currently provide two open platforms to leave a review, Trustpilot and Google. On both platforms we are verified so you know all the reviews are genuine for our business. We now have over 1000 reviews on Trustpilot, and over 500 on Google. Our review score also runs at 4.9 stars on both platforms.

The volume of reviews and great review score makes us the best rated stairlift removal company in the UK. We credit this to our straightforward, transparent and friendly service. Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews on Trustpilot and Google here:

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