Acorn Stairlifts

What is the difference between Acorn and Brooks?

An Acorn stairlift is a particular brand of lift that has been manufactured by a company called Acorn. Acorn are one of the largest manufacturers and installers of stairlifts within the UK. Sometimes the stairlifts are manufactured by Acorn to be installed by partner companies outside of Acorn, which are known as Brooks stairlifts. The two types are essentially the same, but can sometimes have a slightly different appearance. An Acorn stairlift is typically Yellow/beige and white, but a Brooks version will be typically just a yellow/beige colour all over, except the rail which is always white.

What types of stairlifts do they make?

Acorn manufacture both straight and bespoke curved stairlifts, depending on the requirements of the home. The stairlifts can be adapted and upgraded with many different features also, dependant on what the user wants and needs.

Adaptions include:

Hinge – This can be added to the rail at either the top or bottom of the stairs to ensure that the stairlift doesn’t block access to any doors or fire exits.

Powered Swivel – This feature can be added so that when your stairlift arrives at its destination, it automatically turns the chair out for easy access onto the landing.

Powered Footrest – Particularly useful for users who struggle to bend down, this feature enables the footrest to fold away automatically when the stairlift is not in operation.

What models of Acorn stairlifts can you purchase?

Acorn 130 T700

The 130 T700 is the only current straight stairlift manufactured by Acorn. The rail is fully straight with no curves or bends, and it has a plastic yellow/beige and white seat which is easily wipeable. This model is one of the most popular and commonly installed straight stairlifts on the market. It comes with two remote controls as standard.

Acorn 180 T565 Euro

This is the up-to-date curved stairlift offered by Acorn. It has a thin and modern curved rail, which is made bespoke to order for the customers staircase specifically. The seat, much like the T700 straight model, is a plastic wipeable material which makes it easy to maintain and keep clean. It is very similar in appearance to the previous model, the Acorn 180 V5, but has an upgraded footrest, operating keys, and remote controls. We offer extremely competitive rates to purchase this type of stairlift, so please get in touch if you wish to sell one.

Previous models manufactured by Acorn:

Acorn Superglide 130

This is the straight Acorn model, previously manufactured prior to the 130 T700 up to 2017. It is very similar in appearance to the newer model, so if you are unsure which version, you have it is best to check the manufacturers label on the underside of the stairlift carriage. As this model is no longer manufactured our ability to recycle the parts is now limited.

Acorn Superglide 120

The 120 straight model was manufactured up to 2013. This version is easily identified by the pink fabric cushion on the seat and backrest. Unfortunately, we no longer can recycle this stairlift due to its age.

Acorn 180 V5

The 180 V5 was the previous model to the 180 T565 Euro which is now produced. It has a different footrest, operating keys, and remote controls as well as some internal parts which differ to the new model. Unfortunately, we no longer can recycle this stairlift due to the changes made to the model in recent years.

We can sometimes, where possible, recycle older models which are no longer manufactured by Acorn. Unfortunately once the stairlift is outdated the parts become more difficult to recycle as the demand decreases significantly. We are however able to offer our services to remove and dispose of the stairlift at a charge if required by our customer.

Yes! Although there are many stairlift removal companies that do not take curved stairlifts, we certainly do. Enquire today for a free and no obligation quote.

The easiest way to check is to look on the underside of the carriage and read the manufacturers label. This will confirm which of the two 130 models you have. If your stairlift has pink fabric/cushions on the chair  you have the older 120 model.

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