Curved Stairlifts

What do we mean by ‘curved’ stairlift?  A curved stairlift has a rail that is custom made and features curves, bends or dips in the rail. The rail is made bespoke to ensure the stairlift takes the user right to the top of the landing without having to climb any steps.

Curved stairlifts are slightly less common than straight stairlifts and tend to be significantly more expensive since they are designed and manufactured to fit your staircase exactly. Straight stairlifts usually just require the correct length of the stairs, but a curved stairlift has more specific and detailed design to make sure it fits just right and is suitable for the user.

Curved stairlifts can also have additional customisations such as powered swivel and powered footrest to ensure the smoothest and easiest use for the customer. A hinge can also be added to a curved stairlift which stops the rail and carriage from obstructing any doors or emergency exits.

What types of Curved Stairlifts are there?

Acorn / Brooks:

  • Acorn 80 (discontinued)
  • Acorn 180
  • Acorn T565 Euro LH/RH 180


  • Stannah 260 Sarum (discontinued)
  • Stannah 260 Starla
  • Stannah 260 Siena
  • Stannah 285

Handicare /Companion/ Age UK:

  • Handicare 2000
  • Handicare Freecurve
  • Handicare Van Gogh

Thyssenkrupp / Access:

  • Flow 2 (discontinued)
  • Flow 2a
  • Flow X

We offer curved stairlift removal, and buybacks for current models. If you have an unwanted stairlift that you require removing, please get in touch on 0800 177 7266 or Contact Us for a response in less than 24 hours.

If your stairlift requires a curve or bend right at the end of the stairs the manufacturer must use a particular type of rail which is only used for curved stairlifts. Therefore, if your stairlift has any bends in the rail it is a curved stairlift.

Yes, but there is significantly less demand for most curved stairlift models as they are more difficult to reinstall as second hand stairlifts. They are most likely to be used for parts when reused.

An experienced stairlift engineer can remove your curved stairlift in 60-75 minutes. If you aren’t experienced, it can take 2-3 hours and can also risk damage to the stairlift if not using the correct technique or tools during removal.

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