Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to receive a quote is to fill in our “contact us” web enquiry form and attach a photograph of the stairlift. Or you can email us at [email protected] if you wish to send several photographs. This allows us to identify make, model, approximate age, size, condition and any additional modifications such as a hinge or slide track. If you prefer to call, you can contact us on 0800 177 7266. Our opening hours can be found on the homepage. Please make sure you have all the required information to hand such as make and model, age/date of installation, and serial number (may be required depending on stairlift type). In some cases we may require additional information or request a photograph.

At We Buy Any Stairlift our passion is to recycle and repurpose as many used stairlifts as possible.  We love to see used stairlifts getting a new lease of life, helping the environment and avoiding wastage. However there are occasions when it is not possible to buyback your stairlift, listed below. 

We are currently not able to buyback:

  • Stairlifts over 10 years old
  • Stairlift makes/models which are no longer being manufactured
  • Stairlift makes/models which we are overstocked with
  • Stairlifts that are not working/require significant repairs
  • Stairlifts with significant cosmetic damage i.e. stains, cracks, broken pieces, excessive smoke damage
  • Some stairlifts that have been removed, if they have not been removed in the correct way (photograph required to quote)

If we are unable to purchase your stairlift, we may be able to offer a free professional removal service, if the stairlift model can be recycled for spare parts. If we are not able to recycle the stairlift at all, we can provide a quote for the removal and disposal of the stairlift at a charge. There is no obligation to proceed after a quote has been received. We Buy Any Stairlift reserve the right to refuse to purchase your stairlift.

As our levels of stock are constantly changing it is difficult to provide an extensive up to date list of makes and models and requirements for a buyback. However, models that we are interested in are:

  • Acorn 130 (straight)
  • Acorn 180 (curved)
  • Stannah 600 (straight)
  • Stannah 260 (curved)
  • Thyssenkrupp Flow 2 (curved)
  • Thyssenkrupp Flow 2a (curved)
  • Handicare 950/950+ (straight)
  • Handicare 2000 (curved)

This list is subject to stock level and can change. We cannot guarantee we are able to make an offer on the above models, as it is dependent on stock level, age, condition, and any further modifications or upgrades the lift may have had.

Unfortunately we do not buyback the following stairlift makes:

  • Meditek
  • Bison
  • Cumbria
  • Platinum
  • Bruno

 We do not buyback these makes of stairlifts for a variety of reasons. It may be that the company is no longer trading or manufacturing, the products are manufactured outside of the UK, or because there is little to no demand for reconditioning of these types to be recycled.

Sometimes the stairlift will not clearly state the make and model or serial number on the equipment, and if paperwork cannot be located it can be difficult to tell what type you have. This can be the case if you are arranging on behalf of someone else, or if you have moved into a property with an existing stairlift.

We offer a free service to identify the make and model, and approximate age of stairlift online. To do this we require a photograph (or several) of the stairlift, and as much information as you can give us. We will then get back to you to let you know if we can offer a buyback for the stairlift, and if not what the cost of removal would be.

If we receive the incorrect make and model, age or are not informed about any defects with the stairlift or issues with the condition, the quote provided may not be correct. If you are in doubt about any information please gather photographs of the stairlift and email this to us. This will allow us to correctly identify the stairlift. Please also make us aware of any damage, even if it is just cosmetic so we can provide you with an accurate quote before an appointment is arranged.

If there are any discrepancies between your stairlift and the information provided prior to the appointment, our engineer may have to amend the quote or lower the purchase amount.

We provide a charged removal service for all stairlifts that cannot be recycled. The price quoted would be dependent on the age, make and model and where in the country you are located. Ideally we would like to see a photograph to ensure our engineers have the correct training and equipment for the job.

Unfortunately if the stairlift is older than 20 years, we are not able to offer a removal service.

We provide a charged removal service for all stairlifts that cannot be recycled. The price quoted would be dependent on the age, make and model and where in the country you are located. Ideally we would like to see a photograph to ensure our engineers have the correct training and equipment for the job.

Unfortunately if the stairlift is older than 20 years, we are not able to offer a removal service.

We cover most areas in England, Wales and southern Scotland, the exceptions being Cornwall, Devon and some areas within Somerset. Please contact us and provide a postcode if you are unsure and we would be happy to confirm.

Unfortunately we only cover the southern part of Scotland up to and including Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Payment is made in cash at the appointment by the engineer. The purchase amount will be agreed before the engineer attends to remove the stairlift so you can be sure you are happy with it beforehand, and do not feel pressured to proceed.

If you require payment to be made by an alternative method, please speak to us and this can be arranged prior to the appointment.

We understand that living miles away from the location of the stairlift can be challenging when trying to arrange for a stairlift removal. Once we have provided a quote for the stairlift (see previous questions) we are happy to work with you to come to a solution.

Whether that be attend a certain day when you will be traveling to the property, arrange for a neighbour to provide access, collect keys from an estate agent, or use a key safe code to gain access. We are happy to make all the necessary arrangements with you beforehand and keep you updated if you are not able to be there in person.

Although we try to accommodate all requests made by our customers, we are not always able to guarantee a particular day and time. As we cover almost all of England and Wales, our appointment availability is dependent on where our engineers are in the UK.

We are happy to take requests and suggestions and will try our very best to work around this for you. If we are not able to accommodate your request we will suggest an alternative day and time.

Our engineer will arrive on the day and time pre-arranged with the customer. The engineer will inspect the stairlift to make sure the information provided to us is correct, and check the condition is acceptable i.e no significant damage to the equipment, cracks, stains, or smoke damage. Usually if we have seen a photograph beforehand only a brief check is needed.

The engineer will then make the agreed payment to you in cash, and get to work removing the stairlift. The removal takes up to an hour to complete. The engineer will wear any necessary protective equipment and be provided with all required tools to complete the removal.

The stairlift will be removed safely and efficient according to stairlift type. When the stairlift is removed, they will load everything into their van (stairlift carriage, rail and any remote controls/accessories) and take it away.

The engineer will make the electrics safe when they remove the stairlift. There are two types of electrical supply; the type that plugs into a normal power socket, or the type that is wired into a fused spur.

The power socket type just needs to be unplugged so it is straight forward. If however you have the type that connects to a fused spur, our engineer would open it up and disconnect the stairlift cables safely. They would then remove the fuse, close up the casing and leave the fuse on top. This means the fused spur can be used as a supply if required, but it is left in an inactive and safe state. Our engineers are not able to completely remove the fused spur, as this is a part of the board of electrics in your property and is not a part of the stairlift itself. If you require this removing for cosmetic/practical reasons you would require a separate electrician.

Unfortunately we only buyback stairlifts specifically. We do not buyback wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, disability lifts, through floor lifts or dumbwaiter lifts.

Unfortunately we do not buyback mobility equipment, this includes hoists, hand rails, mobility scooters, rise and fall chairs, and other mobility equipment.

We will honour all quotes for up to a maximum of 28 days. We have a record of all quotations whether verbal on the telephone or via email, so we are able to see when the offer has expired.

Unfortunately we may not be able to honour the quote if it has expired as it is dependant on stock levels. We are however able to provide a new quote.

Although we have never had a single incident of damage in a customer’s property, we are a fully insured company for peace of mind. That means if there is an incident we are able to cover the costs of damage.

However, rest assured as our engineers take the utmost care when removing a stairlift. They are very experienced, removing an average of 80 lifts per month, so who better to remove the stairlift for you safely?

Yes, we work very closely with Leodis Stairlifts who specialise in reconditioned curved and straight stairlifts. They’ll give you some great advice, a competitive price and will be able to install within 48 hours.

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