How Much Can I Sell My Stairlift For?

If you are at point that you are considering selling your stairlift, you likely would like to find out what the approximate value is before you begin trying to sell it. It maybe that the stairlift is no longer needed and is sat on the stairs not being used, or it might be that you absolutely need the stairlift removed due to a house sale or end of tenancy. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell the stairlift, we can help you get an idea of its worth and provide advice for your selling options.


What Is the Average Selling Price for A Stairlift?

When selling a second hand stairlift the general price you should expect is around £100-500. This figure may seem surprising, considering stairlifts cost thousands from brand new, but a figure within the hundreds is more than likely what you can realistically achieve. We will cover why the stairlifts cost so much from new, as well as what can affect the price you can achieve selling your stairlift. It is important you understand the second-hand value, so you have a realistic expectation when you get some quotes to sell it.


Brand New Price Vs Second Hand

You are probably wondering why your stairlift cost thousands from the installer brand new but has a significantly lower second-hand value in comparison. The simplest explanation is that when you pay for the stairlift, you pay for more than the stairlift unit itself. The price breakdown will include:

  • Initial Survey/Measurements
  • Installation
  • Parts Warranty
  • Emergency 24/7 Call Outs or Repairs
  • Optional Servicing packages
  • Potentially customised parts such as a curved rail, lifting hinge, sliding track or perching seat
  • The Installers own profit from the purchase

When you come to sell the stairlift second hand, you are just selling the equipment, rather than everything that is included in the initial sale as part of the installation package which can have a dramatic effect on the price.

As with any new purchase, the item also loses a high amount of its value once it has been purchased as it is no longer brand new ‘from the box’. This is especially the case for mobility equipment because it is made for the individual user’s needs and is unlikely to be suitable for another user (particularly if it has a custom-made curved rail or adaptions).


What Can Affect The Value?

The only way a stairlift has any value second hand is if the stairlift can be reinstalled as a reconditioned/second hand stairlift, or the parts used for repairs. If you have a stairlift brand or model that is undesirable for second hand installations, it is unlikely you will be able to sell it or achieve a high value.

A damaged stairlift, or one in very poor condition would also decrease in value massively, as it is unlikely it can be reused in much capacity. If you have removed your stairlift poorly or have stored it in unacceptable condition (somewhere that is wet or outside exposed to the elements) it is unlikely you will sell your stairlift.

As to be expected with any electrical item you come to sell, the older it becomes the less likely someone can reuse it. Safety and compatibility change over time and can mean your stairlift becomes unsuitable to be recycled and reused.

If they cease manufacturing the stairlift model you have, eventually second-hand installers will no longer be able to use it as the parts will become hard to obtain for repairs. The installer will then move on to the newer model, meaning your old one is surplus to requirements.

DO ✅

  •  Keep the stairlift Installed and plugged in
  •  Clean your stairlift regularly, particularly when selling it
  • If you have a service contract, have regular servicing appointments


  • Remove informational labels
  • Uninstall the stairlift from the stairs, or unplug it
  • Conduct building/renovation works while the stairlift is in situ
  • Smoke in the house (the smoke can damage the stairlift over time)
  • Allow the stairlift to sit unused for an extended time, allowing it to age and decrease in value further


How Do I Sell It?

The best way to sell your stairlift is via a Stairlift Removal such as We Buy Any Stairlift. We will offer you the best price possible, based on the value of the parts. The stairlift will be removed by a professional engineer, ensuring there is no risk to your property and electrics.

The valuation would depend on the make, model, and age of your stairlift as well as its general condition. Fill in our Contact form to get a free, no obligation quote.