How Much Does A Stairlift Cost To Run?

With energy and fuel costs increasing across the UK the question on everyone’s mind is how can I save energy in my home? It is estimated that the average household energy/gas bill will increase by £693 or 54% per year. There is also another electricity and gas hike expected in October, meaning there could be further increases. One question we have been asked a lot recently is ‘How much does a stairlift cost to run?’. Whether you are debating having a stairlift installed for yourself or a family member, or working out whether to keep your used stairlift, it’s important you understand what it may cost to run.


How Much Energy Will My Stairlift Use Per Year?

In general, stairlifts are designed to be economical and to run at a relatively low cost. It is estimated to be as little as 0.0024kWh or 24 Watts per hour. How much energy the stairlift will use will depend on:

  • Which make/model stairlift you have fitted
  •  How often the user goes up and down the stairs per day
  •  The length of the rail (how long the journey to the top of the stairs is)
  • What cost per unit you pay to your energy provider

An average straight stairlift for a 13-step staircase is estimated to cost £10-15 a year in electricity. This average however could be significantly higher if you have a custom built curved stairlift with a particularly long rail, or if you have multiple stairlifts to adapt separate staircases.

Due to the recent energy price increases the £15 average has already doubled to £30 a year per stairlift.  It is predicted that the average stairlift running cost could be £45 or above by the end of 2022.


Can I Switch My Stairlift Off To Save Energy?

Stairlifts are designed and built to be constantly switched on and powered. The reason for this is because they are powered by a rechargeable battery. When the stairlift has arrived at the top or the bottom of the stairs it is usually sits on a charging point that recharges the battery for the next use. If the stairlift is left off the charging point for long enough the battery would eventually run flat and would need to be replaced altogether.

A great tip is to switch your stairlift off when it’s not in use, which could save on your bills. The stairlift must be switched off via the on/off button or switch located on the carriage. Doing this would isolate the batteries charge, so it is ready to use the next time you turn the stairlift on.

WARNING: If you turn off the power at the socket, or disconnect the electrics from the fused spur, the battery will eventually lose its charge and will need replacing. If you need to use the stairlift again you would need to contact the installer to arrange a battery replacement.

Removing Your Unwanted Stairlift

Although the running costs of a stairlift are well worth it if you rely on the stairlift and use it regularly, we definitely recommend having your stairlift removed if you no longer use it. Not only will you save energy, but you may be able to sell it and get some money back.

The sooner you have your stairlift removed the better the chance you will be able to sell it. If the stairlift sits in the property for many years, unused, it increases the chance the stairlift will become too old to be recycled and may then cost you money to have it removed.

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