How To Avoid Bad Stairlift Removal Companies

When We Buy Any Stairlift started out, there weren’t many Stairlift Removal companies around. The options were limited to either handing back the stairlift to the installer or disposing of the stairlift yourself. Now there are much more choices when it comes to Stairlift Removal companies, but which one is right for you? Its important to do your research to ensure you avoid bad stairlift removal companies that are not competent or are misleading with the services they provide.

We will review our top tips for selecting a fantastic removal company to save you time, stress and of course money.

1. Check Out Their Reviews

One of the quickest and easiest ways to vet a Stairlift Removal company is to check out their online reviews. Good companies should have at least 50 excellent reviews. You may find one or two unpleasant reviews which is normal and may be due to no fault of the company.

Pay attention to what customers are saying. They will discuss the highlights and disappointments of dealing with a company. If for example you value a speedy service and want your stairlift removing urgently, look for companies that have reviews stating they arranged an appointment swiftly.

Make a note of which companies have no reviews, or very few. Although not every company with little to no reviews are ‘bad’ companies, there may be reasons why people are not reviewing. Companies that provide an average or poor service do not tend to invite their customers to review to try and avoid bad ratings.

Make sure you look at review platforms that are authentic such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Yell, Feefo or Bazaarvoice. Some companies may have great ‘reviews’ on their own website, but these can be made up or heavily edited to suit the company’s agenda. At We Buy Any Stairlift we invite all our customers to leave an honest, open review on Trustpilot or Google Reviews. These reviews cannot be edited or deleted so they are 100% authentic. We do not offer any incentives or rewards in exchange for a review, we are just confident that we provide an exceptional service.

2. Get A Firm Offer

When you have looked at reviews and selected a company that you would like to use it’s time to get a quote if you haven’t already. Once all the requested information has been provided, make sure that the company gives you a firm offer if they are purchasing your stairlift. They should know by this point exactly what they would be happy to pay.

Many companies can give a very vague offer so that once they arrive at the property, they can attempt to reduce the price. If all the information has been provided correctly and you have been transparent about the condition of the stairlift this should not be the case.

There are also companies who may give you a very high initial offer that is much higher than offer quotes you have received, but you should be wary of these companies. Much of the time they offer higher with no intention to pay the money to you. Their job is to get an engineer’s foot through the door, who will then justify that they must reduce their offer dramatically. The engineers attending may but a lot of pressure on you to accept the reduced offer and you won’t have much time to consider it.

If the stairlift you have does not hold any value and you are paying a fee to them for removal and disposal services, the same rule applies. Ensure you get a firm price for the service before you proceed so you aren’t caught out once the engineer arrives.

3. Check They Are Legitimate

It’s always good to check out a business on Company’s House to ensure that they are a genuine company and to see how long they have been established. If they are not registered as a business, make sure to ask the company directly as it may fall under a different name. Bad stairlift removal companies likely not be registered as a business and this tends to be a red flag.

Checking when the company was established is important as it provides a good incite to how much experience the business has. Generally, the more experience and longer a company has been trading means a smoother customer experience and less chance there will be an issue.

4. Make Sure They Are Qualified

It may seem obvious but check with the company that all their engineers are fully qualified or trained. With older or more complicated stairlifts, you need someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing. The last thing you want is to have your time wasted by someone who attends and cannot complete the removal as expected.

It is important the engineer is fully trained so that they do not cause damage to the stairlift or its surroundings such as the wall, banister, staircase, or your door frame. It can also be pre-emptive to ask the company if they have public indemnity insurance just in case something goes wrong unexpectedly.

We of course feel that We Buy Any Stairlift ticks all the above boxes so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions you may have. We are 100% transparent with our offers and what is included in our service. Please also check out our reviews on Trustpilot or Google. We currently have over 700 5-star reviews and growing!