Selling Your Used Stairlift

There are lots of different reasons why you may no longer need your stairlift and wish to sell it instead.

  • A family member has passed away and the lift is no longer needed
  • The stairlift has been left in the property you have purchased
  • A newer replacement stairlift is required and the old lift needs to be removed
  • Improvement in health conditions means it is surplus to requirements
  • You are downsizing to a bungalow or moving into a care home

Whatever the reason you require the stairlift removed, you of course want to try to sell the stairlift and achieve the best offer possible. Here are our best tips and advice for selling your stairlift.

Be Realistic

Although it might seem obvious to some, it is important to be realistic with the price you will achieve. A brand new stairlift will come at a much higher price than a second hand stairlift, regardless of the age. Just like a car, a stairlift loses much of its value the second it is installed.

The brand-new price is often highly inflated due to the installers own profit, as well as the add on costs like the survey, any warranties, emergency call out/repairs, and the installation. The stairlift unit itself only counts for a portion of the cost you have paid.

The general price achieved selling a second hand stairlift is usually in the hundreds, not thousands and can vary depending on the make, model, age, and condition. Some less desirable brands that are not often fitted second hand by installers or used for parts will likely have a very low sale value.

Get The Correct Information

Before you can sell you must gather any relevant information that the buyer may need. That information usually includes:

  • Manufacturer/Make
  • Model of stairlift
  • When it was installed/How old is it?
  • Its condition i.e. Is it working? Is it still installed to the stairs? Was it purchased brand new or second hand/reconditioned?

If you are unsure of any details, it is best to take photographs for reference. The stairlift would usually have a label from the manufacturer that states the make and model and sometimes the date of manufacture or installation also. The label can be located on the front, back of the chair, under the seat or the side of the stairlift.

Contact The Installer

In some cases, the installer who you purchased the stairlift from may be able to offer to buy it back. This largely varies from installer to installer and their stock levels for second hand stairlifts.

Installers will generally only purchase the stairlift if it is under 1-2 years of age, and if they require more second hand stairlift stock. Some installers do not install second hand/reconditioned stairlifts at all so they will likely not take it back. If they do not have use for the stairlift they will likely quote a charge to remove the lift.

Contact a Stairlift Removal Company

Acorn Stairlift - Sold!

Stairlift Removal companies like We Buy Any Stairlift professionally remove and purchase stairlifts. This method of selling is usually the easiest, and quickest way to sell your stairlift. The company will gather the stairlift details from you to identify what type you have, and then provide a buyback quote if it is something they are interested in.

If you choose We Buy Any Stairlift to purchase your lift, we provide a free professional stairlift removal service and disconnect the electrics safely. The removal usually takes place within 1-2 weeks and the appointment is under 1 hour. The agreed payment will be made in cash, or if agreed by bank transfer, by the engineer directly so there is no waiting around to be paid.

We aim to offer a fair and realistic price based on the overall market for second hand stairlifts, which may be the best price you can achieve. Quotes are free and no-obligation so there’s no harm in getting a quote. Just click our Contact Us page or call on 0800 177 7266 to speak to a friendly customer advisor.

Sell The Stairlift Privately

If the above methods fail, the last option is generally to attempt selling the stairlift privately. You could advertise it locally in Post Offices and local shops, ask neighbours if they are looking to buy a stairlift, or advertise online for sale.

Generally, the first step is to see what other people are selling stairlifts for. Make sure to look for the lifts that have actually sold, rather than ones that have been advertised. Many people see a stairlift advertised for thousands and think that is what they can sell it for. Unfortunately, just because it is advertised it does not mean it will have any interest or sell.

When attempting to sell online it is important to provide as much information and photographs as possible so that the buyers knows if the stairlift is suitable. The potential buyer would need to be confident in removing and installing the stairlift themselves. Most installers will not install a stairlift that someone has purchased privately online, so the buyer would need to be confident they can do it.

Selling your stairlift online can pose some risks which it is important to be aware of:

  • The buyer may let you down – if you are on a tight timescale for your removal, it is not recommended to sell online.
  • There are lots of scams online, so once you have found a buyer make sure they pay upfront. Be particularly aware of people who say a courier will deliver the payment in an envelope.
  • The buyer will not be a professional at removing stairlifts so there is the chance that they could damage the lift during removal, or they could damage your home.

Of course, if you advertise your stairlift online and do not manage to sell it as hoped, you are welcome to get back in touch with us at We Buy Any Stairlift. We hold all quotes for 28 days or we can provide a new quote if that time has elapsed.

We can usually remove your stairlift within 1-2 weeks, depending on your location within England and Wales.