Should I remove my stairlift and store it for later use?

Some of our customers ask for advice about what they should do with their stairlift if it is no longer needed. Most of the time it is a relative who had died not long after a brand new stairlift has been installed and it has barely been used (if at all). It may seem like a waste to sell the stairlift for a fraction of the brand-new value, or have it disposed of if there’s no one interested in buying it. Some clients ask the question: can I have the stairlift removed and store it for later use? This is a great question, and we will explain the pros and cons of storing your stairlift.


Who would be the new user of the stairlift in future?

The first question you should ask is, who is the intended future user of the stairlift? If perhaps you are still capable of using the stairs yourself but are starting to have some issues it may be worth keeping the stairlift and storing it. It may even be worth keeping the stairlift installed, depending on how your abilities are, to save yourself the cost of having it removed and reinstalled.

It is worth noting that if the stairlift was purchased for a different user who has passed away or no longer requires the stairlift, the stairlift itself will have been chosen based on that user. The installer will have considered their abilities and measurements such as knee to floor measurement. It is not guaranteed that if the stairlift is being saved for a different user, that it would be safe or suitable for them.

If you don’t have a user in mind and just want to keep it ‘just in case’ we would usually recommend that you do not store the stairlift as it will probably be more of a cost that just isn’t worth it unless you have a clear plan.


When will the stairlift likely be used again?

The second question to ask is, when will the stairlift likely be needed? If you expect to need the stairlift in the next couple of years, then it may indeed be worth removing and storing the stairlift. However, if you have no existing issues and are not struggling with the stairs at present, we wouldn’t recommend keeping the stairlift indefinitely.

Even though the stairlift may have had little use, the model itself will continue to age and it may be discontinued by the manufacturer and become obsolete. This would mean that even if you can find someone who is able to reinstall it for you, if it were to break down you may not be able to buy the parts needed to repair it or find someone who can service and maintain it. If the time comes that you truly require a stairlift and will need to rely on it, we recommend you purchase a new stairlift.


How long can I store my stairlift for?

If you choose to store your stairlift, we recommend a period of up to 5 years at very maximum. Any more than this and you risk that the stairlift will be too old and you may struggle to find anyone who will install it for you.


How should I store my stairlift?

Ensure the stairlift is clean before it is removed. Ask your installer if they can bubble wrap the stairlift to ensure it is protected from any damage in storage and minimises the risk of dust and dirt getting into the components. Ensure you keep all the parts together such as bolts and feet that are removed, and remote controls.

Make sure the stairlift is stored in a dry and safe location such as a garage. We would not recommend storing the stairlift in an attic or loft due to the weight. Do not store anything on top of the stairlift that could damage it.


Removing your stairlift

If the stairlift is very new, the original installer may be able to remove the stairlift for you free of charge. However, if the stairlift is over one year old (depending on the installers own terms) it may be that they will not provide this service for free.

We offer removal services which would be at a fee if we are not taking the stairlift away to be recycled. If you however do not want to store the stairlift, we may be able to provide a quote to purchase the stairlift from you. We would include free removal as standard if we are purchasing your stairlift.

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Re-installation of the stairlift

We would highly recommend that you contact the original installer that the stairlift was purchased from and check that they provide re-installation services, prior to you having the stairlift removed and stored. Get a written quote in advance from them, or some sort of promise they can reinstall it that is not only verbal.

If the installer will not reinstall the stairlift for you, you may struggle finding someone who is willing to do it. Most installers will only install a stairlift that you have purchased directly from them, to ensure it is safe to install for both the engineer and the user of the stairlift.


Unfortunately, We Buy Any Stairlift do not provide installation services, as we only remove stairlifts and recycle them. We recommend you speak to the original installer who fitted the stairlift initially.