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Barnsley is a very popular area for Stairlift Removals, and we often attend appointments multiple days each week. We cover all of Barnsley and surrounding areas in South Yorkshire such as Royston, Silkstone, Penistone and Tankersley.

Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, it completely depends on the type of stairlift, and how in demand the parts are. If you have a stairlift which is widely fitted as a reconditioned stairlift by installers, there is a good chance it will carry value. It also depends on how good the condition of the stairlift is, and how old it is. Please feel free to contact us for some no obligation advice or a chat on 0800 177 7266.
Our engineer will you pay you the agreed amount in cash on the day. This means you will have guaranteed payment in your hands before the stairlift is taken away.
Unlike many ‘We Buy Any’ companies out there we do not start with a high offer then reduce on the day based on general wear and tear. We make a fair and accurate offer from the start and that is what you will be paid on the day. The only occasion where we would not pay you as agreed at the appointment is if the customer has provided incorrect details and we would have to value based on the correct details which maybe higher or lower than the original price stated.