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We provide stairlift removals and buybacks in Cardiff and all surrounding areas:




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We not only cover Cardiff, but the majority of South Wales! Swansea, Newport, Abergavenny, Port Talbot and many more areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to reach all areas of Wales but some areas like the West coast we do not reach very often so there could be a longer wait. We will advise this upon making an offer so you know what timescales to expect.
We generally service South Wales every 2-3 weeks depending on the demand. We generally visit Cardiff and Newport every time we are in the area as these are our most popular areas.
It all depends on the issue. If your issue is that the stairlift has been switched off and it is no longer working, we would be able to offer as normal. If the issue is more complex please contact us and we can discuss with a senior engineer to see if the stairlift is suitable for recycling.