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We provide stairlift removals and buybacks in Sheffield and all surrounding areas.

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We cover the whole of Yorkshire! Sheffield, South Yorkshire is one of our most popular areas for appointments and we are the only local stairlift removal specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your stairlift’s rail (the metal part that is bolted to the steps) has no bends or curves you have a straight stairlift. If the stairlift has been custom made for any slight bends or curves it is classed as a curved stairlift. Even if the stairlift is straight all the way up and then bends at the top of the staircase it is a curved stairlift, not a straight.
Although sometimes possible it is very rare. Once a stairlift is over 10 years of age it is recommended to be replaced or disposed of, as it could become dangerous. We can provide a quote for a removal and disposal service at a charge to the customer if required.
All our engineers are highly trained to remove stairlifts carefully and safely. However, for your peace of mind We Buy Any Stairlift is fully insured to cover any damage. In the very unlikely incident that damage was caused our management team will liaise with you to ensure the damage is corrected.