Stannah Stairlifts

What is a Stannah Stairlift?

Stannah is a very well-known manufacturer and installer of stairlifts. They have been trading for over 150 years and installing stairlifts since 1975. They are a household name, and typically the first brand you think of when it comes to stairlifts.

Stannah manufacture both straight and curved stairlift models, so there is something suitable for a variety of homes and users. The stairlifts vary in appearance, but often have a faux leather/vinyl seat that is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colours depending on personal preference.

What Stannah stairlifts do we buy?

Stannah 600 Siena

The 600 model is the current and only straight stairlift manufactured by Stannah at the present time. It has been manufactured since 2014 when the previous model was discontinued. It is fitted with a ‘Siena’ style seat which is a smooth vinyl fabric all over. The fabric comes in a variety of colours including Ivory (white), Sapphire (blue), Emerald (green) and Ruby (red).

The Stannah 600 can also be installed with an alternative seat called a Starla, which is a woven material (also available in a variety of colours). It is less commonly used than the Siena seat as the Siena is more easily cleaned and maintained.

Stannah 260 Siena

The 260 Siena is the one of the most commonly installed curved stairlifts. It is sleek and modern in appearance and can be tailored to fit in most properties. It is custom made, so the dual rail is altered to fit the staircase exactly prior to installation. Similarly to the Stannah 600 Siena, the seat comes in a variety of colours including Ivory (white), Sapphire (blue), Emerald (green) and Ruby (red).

The Stannah 260 can be installed with an alternative seat, similar to the Stannah 600 straight model. The Starla seat is a woven tweed like fabric for a more traditional appearance, depending on the user’s preference. Much like the 600 the Starla is less commonly used as the Siena is easier for users to maintain if it requires cleaning.

We offer extremely competitive rates to purchase this type of stairlift, so please get in touch if you wish to sell one.

Previous models manufactured by Stannah

Stannah 400

The 400 is a much older straight stairlift model previously manufactured by Stannah. Stannah stopped manufacturing this type of stairlift around 15 years ago, so we are not able to recycle this type.

Stannah 420

The straight 420 model replaced the 400 and was manufactured up to 2014. As they stopped making it 8 years ago, we are now limited on what we can recycle with this model, but we may be able to offer free removal dependant on the age and condition.

Stannah 260 Sarum

The 260 Sarum is almost identical in appearance to the newer 260, but the chair is a different and older style. The chair has white plastic on the backrest with a rectangle of fabric, and the bottom part of the seat is fabric also. Due to a change in parts and materials in 2014 we are no longer able to recycle this model.

Stannah 260 Stairlift

The majority of payments are made in cash, which is what our customers prefer. However when required we can make payment via bank transfer on the day, after our engineer has gained access to the property and inspected the lift.

They are all different versions of the Stannah 260 model. The main identifying difference is the seat/chair, although some other parts can differ. The Sarum is an older type that Stannah stopped manufacturing in 2014, and can no longer be recycled.

For model models the standard removal is within 45 minutes when conducted by one of our professional engineers. However, if you have a Stannah 260 curved stairlift with a particularly long rail or hinged rail, the removal can be up to 60 minutes.

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