Thyssenkrupp/Access Stairlifts

Who are Thyssenkrupp?

Thyssenkrupp are a German manufacturer of stairlifts which are sold and installed in the UK. They are known industry wide as producing some of the best engineered stairlifts on the market.

Similarity to other brands, they can be known by more than one name such as Thyssen or Access. They have more recently rebranded to TK Elevators / TK Home Solutions, but all stairlifts fall under the same brand and have the same features dependant on the model.

They manufacture both straight and curved stairlifts with a variety of upgrades and customisations such as different colour seats and fabrics like vinyl and leather.

Which Thyssenkrupp stairlifts can we buy?

Levant Comfort / Homeglide Extra

This stairlifts has two different model names, but the model is essentially the same with a few small differences. They can either have a classic white plastic seat with a beige fabric on the seat and backrest, or a comfort seat which a padded vinyl usually in ivory. Both models are straight stairlifts and can have powered swivel added as an extra. This type can also have a hinge added to the rail so that it doesn’t obstruct doors or escape routes.

Flow 2a

The Flow 2a is a very popular curved stairlift with a tubular modern white rail. This type usually has a label on the back of the chair, or near the footplate that will confirm the model and year of manufacture. We offer extremely competitive rates to purchase this type of stairlift, so please get in touch if you wish to sell one.

Flow X / S200

The Flow X or S200 model is the newest curved stairlift by Thyssenkrupp, now TK Home Solutions, and has an array of upgraded features. It is extremely compact for more space on the stairs, and it completely folds up with the touch of a button. Much like their other models they come in a variety of seat fabrics and colours. We offer extremely competitive rates to purchase this type of stairlift, so please get in touch if you wish to sell one.

Previous models manufactured by Thyssenkrupp

Flow 2

The Flow 2 is the older version of the curved Flow 2a, or Flow x/S200 model. It is very similar in appearance to the newer models in terms of the rail and chair, but the internal mechanics are older and obsolete.  Dependant on the age we may be able to purchase or offer free removal, but we would request photographs and additional information.

The Flow 2 is the older model, and the Flow 2a is the updated version that was released in 2016, replacing the former.

The major difference is within the circuits beneath the plastic panel to the front of the stairlift, above the footplate. Sometimes we will ask for a photograph of this circuit, but the plastic panel is very easy to remove. There should also be a label on the back of the chair stating which type you have.

We can recycle this age dependant on some features and it’s age. The best thing to do is send us some photographs of the chair with the arms folded up, and a photograph of the label so we can provide an accurate quote.

We can offer up to £600 cash payment, dependant on the model and the age.

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