Why is there little value in second hand stairlifts?

Today we are addressing a topic that we get asked about almost daily. Why do second hand stairlifts have a low value? We will cover the reasons that affect the value when you resell your stairlift.


Realistic expectations

The first thing we always discuss with our customers is having realistic expectations for selling. A second hand stairlift will never sell for thousands like a new stairlift, even if it has had little to no use because it has already been fitted in your property. Much like a brand-new car loses value the second you drive it away from the show home, a stairlift does the same when it is installed.

However, unlike a brand-new car a stairlift has been ordered based on your staircase and the users requirements whether it is straight or curved so there are costs involved with both removal and reinstallation as we will discuss below.


New stairlifts are in greater demand

Surveys indicate that in recent years 80% of stairlifts installed were bought from new rather than second hand or reconditioned. A big reason for this is that the customer wants to ensure the stairlift will be reliable, and suitable for their needs. Some customers worry that a second hand or reconditioned stairlift will break down when they most need it, leaving them vulnerable.

Another reason that new stairlifts are still much more popular is because it can be difficult to get the adaptions required to fit the stairlift second hand, unless it is a basic set of stairs. Due to the demand swaying towards new stairlifts, less people are looking to buy a second hand stairlifts which affects its value.


Costs associated with removal or reinstallation

Most people imagine that having a second hand or reconditioned stairlift installed would be a much cheaper option than the thousands paid for a brand new one. This can sometimes be the case, but it is not as cheap as you may imagine.

If an installer were to purchase back a used stairlift they must incur costs for buying the stairlift from you, as well as their staff removing and transporting the lift. It then would need to be reconditioned and adapted for its new home depending on what is required for that particular user and environment. The installer would then have the same costs of installation, warranties and maintenance covered below, as well as their own profit.

Although stairlifts should absolutely be reused and recycled for environmental reasons, the cost of a used stairlift installation may surprise you. Most of the time the difference in price for an excellent condition reconditioned stairlift to be fitted is as little as £500 less than a brand new stairlift.


Comparison to brand new price

Many people come up with a figure in their head what they think their second hand stairlift is worth for selling, but it is largely based on the original price paid. What customers sometimes fail to consider, is that the original price paid covers more than just the stairlift alone.

For example, if you have paid £4,000 for a curved stairlift, the breakdown of that price includes:

A survey of your stairs

A stairlift survey typically takes at least an hour, but for a curved stairlift but can be much longer up to 2 hours.

Manufacturing of the custom-made rail

Much of the price is dependent on the number of curves/bends and length of the rail with curved stairlifts.

Installation of your stairlift

Installation can be a lengthy process that can be a half day or full day job for the engineer. The installer will take their staff’s time and wages into account within the price.

Warranty and emergency call outs

Typically, within the cost the installer will provide several years warranty for the stairlift, which can include 24/7 call outs. This is because most stairlift users depend on their stairlift to be able to get up and down the stairs to use the toilet and access their bedroom. If you have a serious fault where the stairlift is not safe to use, the installer must act quickly to rectify this.

Maintenance and servicing

Installers provide a certain number of maintenance/servicing visits as part of their package to ensure your stairlift stays in good working order and to prevent future issues requiring repair. Some people also opt for an upgraded servicing package lasting 1 or more years which can be built into the initial price.

Installers profit

Of course, something that needs to be addressed is the installers profit themselves. Not only will they built their manufacturing and staffing costs into quote but also their profit. A stairlift installer of course is a business and not a charity, so they are providing the product and services to gain a profit.

Some of the main installers within the UK have fantastic stairlift products, but they are famously expensive too.


At We Buy Any Stairlift we strive to offer as much cash as possible for your used and unwanted stairlift. As we aren’t an installer we cannot refit your stairlift, but we recycle stairlift parts for a variety of models and ages.

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