Moving Home: What To Do With My Stairlift?

If you have a stairlift in your property it can sometimes be a difficult decision to decide what to do with it. The best choice for you completely depends on your situation such as if you are still using the stairlift for now, your anticipated future needs and where you are moving to. We will discuss various scenarios and our best advice for your stairlift.

Relocating to another property with stairs

If you are moving to another home with the stairs, you may be considering removing and relocating the stairlift also and refitting it. Although this is an appealing idea because stairlifts are expensive, it is important to understand that stairlifts are fitted by the installer after an extensive survey that considers both the user and stairs/property it is to be installed to. To refit the stairlift, the measurements of the stairs would have to be identical and have no obstructions such as doorways that the rail/carriage would block. The width of the staircase must also be suitable for the stairlift.

It can sometimes be a difficult task finding an installer who would be willing to remove and reinstall the stairlift at the new address, because they would be liable if the stairlift was found to not be suitable or dangerous in the new location, however you can always check with the original installer you purchased the lift from to see if this is an option they provide. It is likely they will need to conduct a survey of the current and new properties. If the installer does not deem the lift suitable for reinstallation, they may be able to provide a part exchange discount to take the old lift back and provide a new lift for installation.

Relocating to a bungalow or downstairs flat

When you are moving into a property where a stairlift will not be required i.e no stairs that you are unable to manage, then we would recommend you organise for the stairlift to be removed and sold or disposed of depending on the age.

Get in touch with our team at We Buy Any Stairlift and we can provide a quote and advise if the stairlift can be recycled. We can even work around your moving date if you are reliant on the stairlift, so that it is removed the day before or sometimes even the morning of your move.

Dealing with a deceased persons property 

If you have gone through the probate process and are now in a position to sell the property, then it is important to discuss with any family involved what you would like to do with the unwanted stairlift. If the property is being sold, it is usually recommended by the estate agent that you have the stairlift removed prior to photographs and putting the property on the market. If this isn’t possible, we would advise removing the stairlift as soon as possible.

Removing the stairlift improves the saleability of the property, making it appear more spacious, modern, and appealing to younger prospective buyers. Keeping the stairlift installed may make some potential buyers panic they will have to remove it and that it may cost them.

Some estate agents will occasionally recommend that you leave the stairlift in the property until you find a buyer, because they may want the stairlift however it is quite unlikely and is more likely to put a buyer off than attract one. However, if your estate agent advises this we would recommend as soon as you find a buyer that you check if they will want the stairlift to be included and ensure that you include it on the fixtures and fittings list/items to be left in the property upon completion of sale (to avoid any disputes or charges).

Get a quote for us to purchase your stairlift, and remove it professionally! Get in touch via our form today.

Moving out of a council property

If you live in a council property, we recommend speaking with your housing manager/officer when you hand in your notice to discuss the stairlift. They can advise the best action to take which may depend on whether you own the stairlift, if it was already in the property when you moved in, or if the council have fitted it.

Depending on if you had the stairlift fitted for yourself, it would likely be your responsibility to have it removed before the property is handed back. They may be able to give you an extension on the date you must hand back the property to allow you to get it removed beforehand.

If the stairlift was fitted for you by the council via a grant it is important that you check with them to see if you own the stairlift in full or if they have ownership to take the stairlift back when it is no longer required. Most councils advise that the stairlift is the responsibility of the person who received the grant and do not offer removal services, but we do advise you check before attempting to remove or sell it elsewhere.

Moving into a home with an existing stairlift

If you are purchasing a home instead of selling, and the property is being sold with an unwanted stairlift we highly recommend that you speak to your solicitor to confirm if the stairlift will be left in situ on completion. The sellers may have advised they wish to leave the stairlift, if this is the case we recommend you get in touch with us straight away to enquire if we can remove it free of charge or purchase it from you.

If the stairlift has some value to be recycled, then we recommend you allow the sellers to leave the stairlift in the property – however, be aware that this will cause some restrictions when you initially move in, such as moving large furniture upstairs and decorating.

If you get in touch with us and the stairlift is a very old or obsolete model that cannot be recycled then it is worth going back to your solicitor and insisting that the owners remove the stairlift as part of the sale conditions, otherwise having it removed will become a cost you have to incur. Our standard removal and disposal charge is £240 inc VAT, however if the stairlift is older than 15 years of age it may be that you need to contact the manufacturer to get a specialist engineer out to remove it, which may cost even more.

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