What Type of Stairlift Do I have? How to Identify a Stairlift

So, the time has come for you to have your unwanted stairlift removed but you no longer have the paperwork or can’t remember what type of lift you have. Maybe you’re having the stairlift removed after a bereavement or have moved into a property with the stairlift still installed and are unsure of how to identify what type of lift is in the property.
We Buy Any Stairlift is here to help with some handy hints and tips…

Check the Stairlift

Make and Model

To find out what type of stairlift you have, firstly make sure you have a good look around the stairlift. Most manufacturers will display their logo/brand and hopefully the model name/number on the lift. It could be somewhere on the chair, or the footrest. There should also be a manufacturer’s label on the stairlift; this could either be on the front, back or either side of the carriage.

Sometimes the manufacturers label can be in a strange location that can be hard to see if you aren’t sure where to find it. The manufacturers label is most usually found in the following locations:
• Left- or right-hand side of the stairlift carriage
• Underneath the seat
• On the back of the chair
• Underneath the stairlift carriage (this is usually an angled section facing the floor, you may need to send the stairlift half way up the rail if you are unable to locate it)

Serial Number

For some Manufacturers, such as the Handicare brand, there might be a serial number on a label as well. The serial number won’t tell you exactly the make and model of your lift, but if you contact us via our phone line or Contact Form we can use the serial number to identify the model, and it will also advise us the date of manufacture.

It is worth noting that for most brands of stairlift the serial number is just for identification purposes and is only useful to the manufacturer, but it is always worth providing it if you are getting quotes to sell your stairlift as it might help you get a more accurate quote.

Seat Type

Some brands like Stannah Stairlifts have adapted their models over time. For example the Stannah 260 was originally released with a chair/carriage called a Sarum. They stopped manufacturing the Sarum seat in 2013 and replaced it with the Siena and Starla styles. If you have limited information about the stairlift from the label, it is worth taking photos of the stairlift seat/carriage as this means a company may be able to identify the approximate age by looking at it. You can attach photographs to our Contact form so that we can assess the lift and get back to you with further advice.

Contact the installer

If you can’t find any labels or helpful information mentioned above, another idea is to contact the Installer whom you purchased the stairlift from. They will locate your details from their records and confirm the style of lift that you have.

If you’re still unsure about your stairlift then please feel free to contact us via our online form or call us on 0800 177 7266. If you have very limited information about the make, model and age it is always best to take photographs and fill out our contact form so we can provide an accurate quote or advice.